Why study in England?


Higher education in Great Britain constitutes a priority for thousands of students all over the world.

British universities have a long-standing tradition of academic distinctions, while providing high-quality education that constitutes the basis for further professional accomplishment in many academic fields and sectors.

Education in Britain is provided in English, the lingua franca of our contemporary world; this is a huge advantage in today’s international developing workplace. Life in Britain is a pleasant experience that has a lot to offer. Student life is full of culturally and socially-oriented activities, sports and fun.

Life in Britain is relatively cheap compared to other European countries. This, combined with the short duration of studies (only three years) makes education in Britain an excellent and cost-effective option.

Since 2005-2006, undergraduate students from EU countries are to pay up to 3,000 pounds (annual fees). Those fees are disbursed by the British state and are then repaid in monthly payments after graduation and only if the student does not exceed the annual income limit (18,000 euros).

The cost of living in Great Britain as a student is about 500-700 pounds per month, of course depending on the comforts one seeks. Undergraduate studies last 9 months each year, from late September until early June.