laptop_2482935471. You should get your own laptop. The bad weather, in combination with the need to stay in your room to study, make a personal computer an absolute necessity. You will also need it when you have free time, to communicate via MSN even with someone in the next room or to find resources helpful to your field of studies. Do not forget that it is rather costly to rent or purchase DVDs, so you can also use your laptop to watch films online, free of charge.

music-downloading_1008225c2.MP3 player. A good companion for the road, since you may find accommodation off-campus and spend some time on the road in order to reach the university. In addition, you may use it to store any type of file from any computer.

Patience_Logo3. Patience: Brace yourself, because in England studying is a habit. We strongly advise you against studying only during the exam period. Patience is also an indispensable quality when confronting the British banking system. For the record, I once received a letter from the bank which was supposed to include my pin number and… I am still looking for that number! When I contacted the local branch of the bank, they told me that “there was a problem with the printer and it has happened to other customers” but there was nothing they could do. Trying to push things –the Greek way– will make no difference, trust me on that.

4. Look for other students from Greece that have cable television. Especially for sports fans, it will be a fun outlet.