Anglia Foundation can guide and support students depending on their particular needs.

If you want to improve your English or obtain the necessary Certificate of English, you came to the right place.

If the application process to your British Universities seem calvary, our guidance and support will be valuable.

Moreover, Anglia Foundation can help to significantly reduce the cost of your studies.

Still, to increase your chances of being accepted at UK universities, you can simply take advantage of our experience.

Our services are fully supported online. Of course, our staff is always ready to serve you.

services1_mOnline Lessons

Students of Anglia Foundation have access to our support system continuously on the internet.


services3English Certificates

Anglia Foundation can help you to improve your English or obtain the Certificate you need.


services5Suitable Courses

Anglia Foundation can guide you to select a suitable Course or University according to your specific needs.



The cost of living as a student in Britain is estimated at about 500-700£ (750-1100 €) per month depending on level of comfort. This amount is a rough estimate for rent, food, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.


services2Preparation Foundation Courses

Since 1989, Anglia Foundation has prepared and has sent more than 500 students in several of the best British universities.



Are you looking for undergraduate or postgraduate program at a UK university?



Most Universities guarantee a room in a Hall of Residence to first year students as long as they apply in time.


services8Carrier Prospects

Anglia Foundation can guide you about all your future Career Prospects after finishing your studies.